1955 Stonefield Public Park


Many people will immediately recognise this scene as Stonefield Public Park (or McAnulty Park as its known today). The colour photo shows the trees noticeably smaller than today. Taken from roughly where the playground is now, this scene looks over to Station Road in the background, beyond the large boating pond which I’m sure will be fondly remembered.

A pram in the foreground, but what’s the object to its left?

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Jackie MacDonald Drinking well?
Gordon Mather I think Jackie has got that right, there was a drinking well in that area at the corner of what became the putting green. In the background (not really visible) was what we thought, a shelter. It sat at the back of the houses on Station Road, does anyoSee more
The Blantyre Project the shelter was known as “old mans rest”. More about it can be read here https://blantyreproject.com/…/old-mans-rest…/

The Blantyre Project thanks Jackie and Gordon.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Still stonefield public park to me
Etta Morrison Remember the wee chute at one side of park and the big chute at Station Rd end of park..think there was a well up that side too.
John Cavanagh Loved going down the park wen I was a kid it was like a big adventure with my pals
Carolyn Patterson It would be lively to see some photos of the blue ponds if anyone has any ? Xx
The Blantyre Project i have one of the wee oval pond, will try to find it soon.
Carolyn Patterson thank you it will bring back happy childhood memories xx
Tom Law Not been there in ages. Is it still a park? Has the boating pond gone then? Used to remember the pedalos.
Liz Allan Council did what they always do. Built houses on the park donated to the people of blantyre
Tom Law Oh shame 🙁 Liked that park – spent many a teen evening there.
Tom Brown I don’t think it’s a drinking well I remember them being long skinny steel structures with a push down handle this looks way too big and bulky
John Fallon Jnr I think the Parkie was called John McDonough
Carol Crombie Looks like someone’s holding a kid on the rocking horse – remember the ones with all the coloured seats!
Archie Peat The ” Parkies ” name was Mr Crowe in the 1950s .Does anyone remember or have photographs of the ornamental flower bed located on a slope between the pond and the football pitches . I particularly remember the design in the early 50s to celebrate the Vic’s winning the Scottish Cup
Robert Stewart Angus Crowe was the Park Superintendent
Stuart Bell Years later they added a pitch and putt
Ian Cunningham Pleasant memories of when I was 6.🌈😃🍭
Anne Irvine Parkie was Mr McDonough. Stayed over back of me Millands Ave. Wife worked in Littles bakers
Elizabeth Baillie Alemanno So beautiful.Shame it’s a mess now.!!!


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  1. I think I may have a photograph with the ornamental flower bed in the background Archie, I’ll hae a look and its in colour in my memory.

  2. I am positive it was a drinking fountain, after a long walk up frae “Hillview Drive” in summer, a quenching of the thirst here was on order, although oor Mammie didny like us tae use it, she said it was durty!

  3. My husband thinks it Mabey a drinking fountain

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