1950s Stonefield Rd from Larkfield

The great photos just keep coming! Hopefully this is yet another new photo for you. It’s the 1950s and we’re standing on top of the old Dixon’s 4 Colliery Bing, (or more commonly known as Larkfield Bing today). Looking northeastwards towards Stonefield Road to the Anderson Church and the Hall adjacent to it.


To the left you can see the farmlands of Wheatland, long before the Glenfruin Housing Estate was built. The large modern home with the roof in shadow in the centre of the picture is the brick built house, Pilot Acre, which is still there today, with the Blantyre Bowling Club behind it.

This was the end of the coal mining era in this location. The redundant bing already starting to grass over and quite an eyesore for the area. It would later be levelled into the playing field we know today. Away in the background, you can see the houses in Calder Street and beyond the field at the Bowling Club, the back of the homes in the Crescents.

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Jean Maxwell Lived in Dixons rows I remember playing on the bing it was a great life
Gord Fotheringham I did play on that bing many a time…….
Margaret Elma Griffin I spent many a happy hour playing on the bing no health and safety in those days !
Anne Lappin Was brought up in Larkfield I was Anne Martin then ,x
Evelyn Jones My Granda Martin had his hen run at the bing. They lived in Larkfield just across the road from the Bing.
Barbara Miller Caviolo I was born in Larkfield at 12 Watson Street. I remember us walking up the bing which was filthy but we had no fear of germs. That bing has been flattened and now looks beautiful with lovely green grass. Ah those were the days.

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