1910 Station Road, Blantyre


Taking you towards the Village now, this time in 1910 and Station Road. At a time before homes were built on the right hand side, a time before vehicles, you can see how rural the street was, although there is still something familiar about it all.

A horse and cart and few pedestrians are the only things in the street, the villas on the left signifying a desirable area, with easy access for commuting. One of the villas on the left was demolished to make way for a relatively modern bungalow. The railings on the left , now the entrance to Park Lane and of course the trees on the right, with the exception of one, no longer there.


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Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Amazing how much it’s changed
Jim Mccoll still a desireable location.
John McArdle My home town the bells from Calder st 1930s
Joy McLennan Totally..the house 4 down…same! Old tree to the right survived

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