Vehicle Collision with Newsagents

At 2.15pm on Sunday 22nd January 2017, a silver astra vehicle crashed through the plate glass window of the Newsagents (Mauchline’s) Shop on Glasgow Road, near the top of Station Road.

Thankfully, the young man driving the car was uninjured and had recently passed his test. The shop staff were also uninjured but the incident was alarming as 2 fire brigades, 2 ambulance and 2 police cars arrived on the scene, closing the full Glasgow Road off, giving rise to considerable alarm amongst Blantyre residents before the outcome was announced.

Blantyre Telegraph, my “other website” which records contemporary news covered the event, which saw the pictures and story shared on to the facebook pages of over 20,000 people. The full coverage can be read here:

Photos Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph, M. Razzaq and A. Rochead.

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