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2016-lomond-view-trees-wm1On 10th November 2016, contractors arrived at Main Street High Blantyre to prune the large trees around the Lomond View Flats (the former ground of Matt Boyle’s house).

Seeing their first days work, when I arrived home that evening, my heart sank, for this land is immediately neighbouring to my house and well, as you can see the trees don’t look so great now having been rather severely pruned. Living beside these old, large trees has been beautiful in both Summer and Autumn and I know an abundance of wildlife lived in and around them.

The second and third day of the work produced the same reaction from me, not looking so brilliant from either my side or from Schoolhouse Lane.

That weekend however, as I do annually, I spent much of the time picking up the leaves in my driveway due to my own trees shedding their bulk for winter and remembered what a nuisance it can be to have to do this each year, else they turn into mud or a soggy mess.

Thankfully, I saw the grey squirrels now move over to the trees in my driveway, so they certainly still have a home in the large remaining trees in my drive, which remain untouched and under my ownership. Over the winter I have watched the squirrels enjoy nuts and other food I’ve put out on the lower branches.

Now some time on, I’ve fully come round to understanding why the contractors had to do this and now onside with their actions. I was pleased enough that they had done it at the right time in Winter, meaning lots of new growth should be apparent in Spring. Pleased that they had not touched any of my trees. The bleak look of the Lomond View trees will certainly look very different in a couple of months when Springtime arrives. Pruning them has almost certainly given the flats a better view of the area and let more sunlight into the building. It has also protected the roof from moss, from dangerous branches and the constant maintenance on the gutters, such a building would need.

I’ve had a few problems with trees in this last year, dangerously split due to their age or through storm damaged and on 2 occasions in the last 12 months have had to get in a tree surgeon, to ensure the trees, certainly at Croftfoot are safe.

In the last few months several locations have seen severe pruning take place, including Thornhill Drive and Bardykes. Perhaps this is a necessary regular task needed, now that  Blantyre has become so green in recent decades! You only need to look at Hillhouse Road, Westcraigs and the surrounding trees at Hamilton Technology Park to see how green and large trees can become in such a short space of time.

croftfoot drive, blantyre

2014 The Driveway leading to Croftfoot, High Blantyre. Pictured mid Sep by P Veverka

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Alan Baird yes i felt the same as you when i saw the trees at the top cross getting topped , i thought they might have brought a taller ladder
Marian Maguire It looks a mess, I also notice that every time a new building, house etc is erected gardens, trees etc, are either chopped down or completely removed. Some of these trees have been here for years in Blantyre and are part of blantyres past. Trees should not be chopped severely or removed unless dangerous. I have a very old sycamore in my garden over 200 years old a bit of work sweeping up leaves, but a beautiful old tree.
Kirsty Merchant All the hedges have been taken out at the top of Blantyre Farm Road and it made me wonder where on earth all the wildlife will nest and shelter. I’m guessing it was done as the bushes had grown close to the road, but it still made me sad.
P.S. I’m an incomer to the area (only 13 years residence ) and love your site. It’s always incredibly interesting.

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