1987 Auchinraith Primary School



A school photo shared with Blantyre Project. Its from 1987 and features Auchinraith Primary School.

From Left to right starting at the back working forward.
Mrs. Ferguson. Paul Hamilton. Karen Stewart . Tracy Wright. Tony Brown. Joseph Irvine.

Debbie Kelly. June Gibson. Janet Chatham. Colin Nicol. Lynn McBride. Marie MacVicar. Susan Gebbie. Mrs. Carmichael.

Andrew Tallan. Craig Hanlan. Peter McLauchlin. Paul Downie. Derek Gillespie. Graham Minto. Stuart Young. William Taylor. James Robertson.

Sandra Norman. Mandy MacMillan. Sall Dunsmuir. Liane Prentice. Angela Glen. Vicky Murray. Mandy Strachan and Lorraine Hendry.

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(c) Blantyre Project

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