Live at Livvies


“Live at Livvies” is a contemporary Music Festival run by Blantyre Community Committee.

The idea that Blantyre should have a summer music festival was first discussed and developed by Arlene Green, Stephen McDade, Paul Veverka, Hazel Krawczyk, Rose Lee and Caroline Lee in early 2016.

Over successive months, plans were drawn up to fundraise and secure a stage, lighting and equipment, along with approaching many local talented music artists and bands.

The first annual event took place on Sunday 10th July 2016, the day after the summer gala day at the grounds of David Livingstone Centre. The event was hugely assisted by the kind volunteers of David Livingstone Centre as well as the Committee.

Attended by hundreds of people, the event was free and included a covered stage and many local bands and solo artists performing live music for the local crowds. The weather, particularly the rain was incredibly heavy and unfortunately kept away crowds, despite good advertising beforehand. Bands included ‘Single by Sunday’, ‘Naked Feedback’, ‘Toy Tin Soldier’ and ‘Cawther Falls’. A dance DJ also got the crowd moving between acts.

A beer tent, entertainment, hot and cold food was provided with full use of the David Livingstone Centre facilities and a despite the weather, a fun day had by all. The fairground was in attendance all day.

The event had all the makings of something very, very special, had the weather not intervened. The second annual event is already scheduled for June 2017. “Live at Livvies 2” will be happening!

Pictured by Blantyre Telegraph are photos of the event along with my brief video footage.

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