1961 Residents at Main Street



This wonderful family photo from 1961 was taken in High Blantyre Main Street at the gable end of Sneddon’s Buildings.  Shared here by Margaret Sanderson with thanks.

Pictured from left to right is Janette and Jim Lees, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Margaret Graham, Margaret Dunn and her son and at the end, Margaret herself.

This low wall and path is still there today, although the wooden ornamental trellises are no longer there.

Margaret gave me the old Valuation books showing their family at 407 Main Street were paying £22 per year rent. The block at Sneddons Buildings were numbered odd numbers only from 403 to 419.


Margaret told me that they paid their last annual rent in Summer 1961, moving to Northway at the new homes in Coatshill by September 1961. Several of their neighbours moved at the same time, for Sneddon’s Buildings had been condemned, and were shortly knocked down afterwards.

Do you remember these families or buildings? I’d love to hear from you.

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Anne Irvine I’ve stayed in Northway all my 53yrs. My family were the 1st tenants also. Yes I do remember the Graham’s + the Sandersons. 2 lovely families beside each other. No dividing fence. One garden !!. Always well kept. What I also remember was they were quitSee more
Willie Frame Mrs lees was my next door neighbour when they moved to winton crescent
Marian Maguire Great picture.
The Blantyre Project it is. So clear, it could have been taken with a modern camera.
Jim Brown I know Jim Lees and he’s his mothers double.
Stephen Watson Sorry folks. My mistake
Geordie McClenaghan Where abouts was this on the main st ?
The Blantyre Project the little wall is still there. If you were standing where the photographer is today and turned 180 degrees facing the other way, you would be right up against the1877 Pit disaster Memorial.
Geordie McClenaghan The Blantyre Project I thought it was up there at the flower beds but wasn’t sure
Betty McLean Wondering if Margaret Dunn is Ellen Dunn. Helen is my cousin and she looks like her
Helen Lawson Taylor It is Margaret Dunn xx
David Scott Jim Lees mother Janette was a jem  
Betty McLean Or maybe my cousin John’s wife Margaret Dunn
Helen Dunn Hi Betty – spot on!! My mum was married to John who’s mum (my gran) was Elizabeth McGill (your auntie Lizzie). That’s my brother Ian on my mum’s knee. Mum and I met you and your husband when you were at the cemetery with Ellen. Mum now reminiscing.
A bygone era….
A really lovely photo – thanks for sharing John!
Jim Lees Never seen this photograph before. Thank You so much.
Jim Lees.
Mary Mitchell Jim what a brilliant photo of your Mum 💝xo
Jim Lees Thanks David for your comment.
John Queen that is my aunt Margaret Dunn and most likely Ronald Dunn my cousin Helen Dunn is Margaret’s Daughter
John Queen her husband was John Dunn her maiden name was McDonald


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