Gift of Factory Bell 1933


The Scotsman on Tuesday 4th July 1933 revealed what was to happen to a well known bell in Blantyre.

“There will be hung in a few days at the National Memorial to David Livingstone, in Blantyre, as an interesting link with the great explorer, the bell that did daily duty in the factory where the lad worked.

When Henry Monteith & Co.’s building was dismantled at the end of last century (actually 1903), this bell was secured by the late John Ness, schoolmaster of the Low Blantyre School, and presented to the Stonefield Parish Church. When, however, in 1920 mineral workings made the belfry of that church insecure, the trustees wishing the tradition continued, handed the bell to the Lanarkshire Educational Authority, on loan, for use in the Low Blantyre School, and there it has rung in the children ever since.

Now, with the consent of all parties, it has found a fitting resting place within the Memorial, the kirk-session and the local trustees having generously given it on permanent loan.”

So there you have it! That bell has been in factory, church, school then museum and it’s still there today as these modern photos show. The museum is currently closed for a significant renovation.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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