1923 Danskins on Stonefield Rd


Looking through some family photos, here is my great grandmother’s former shop, Danskins at the corner of Stonefield Road and Broompark Road. The date is around 1923 or so. The shop is still there today, although now a newsagents.

In the background we see the gable of Little’s Building, the Little family also owning the small wooden building with the pitched roof, which incredibly is still there today. The tenements of course are long gone. You can see the wood stockpiled in their joinery yard.

The ‘Little’ empire was to flourish in the 1920s, as James Little would go on to buy Crossbasket in the early 1930s and was well known in Blantyre for owning many properties  (shops and houses).

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Jim McSorley Iam sure Littles also had the shop in Victoria street near the clinic it also had a wooden frontage
The Blantyre Project yes, descendants of the Little Family now have the tearoom on the corner opposite the police station, hence the name “The little Tearoom”
Glen Duncan Great gramas former shop
Jane Maxwell Your right Jim and I think there son had a car repair shop at the back of the shop.
Irene Dickman Correct on both accounts Jim and Jane. Cathie Little was the owners name and her sons were Billy and Bobby.
The Blantyre Project what did the Little’s shop sell?
Irene Dickman Groceries,confectionary,alcohol newspapers. A general store,in other words. Used to get my sweets there on the way to school,Calder Street Secondary.
Stevie Park She also had a daughter, her name was grace, , can any one name the shop next door, which is now BOOTS the chemist, formaly DINSMORE the chemist, it was run by a mother and son , and was a sweet shop ?
Irene Dickman I remember Grace,she moved to Larkhall. The sweet shop was called Browns,used to think the son looked a bit scary

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