Whisky Galore at the Lido



This wonderful photo originated from Kenneth McVicar and came to me via Historic Hamilton.

In the early 1960’s an accident involving a lorry and the side of the Bothwell Bridge took place. Whilst nobody was injured too badly, the contents of the lorry spilled out over the bridge and into the River Clyde below. Some people may have taken the opportunity to retrieve this cargo, for it was none other than full boxes of whisky being transported!

This is not to be confused with another memorable crash here, where melons were the cargo. If you look at the photo closely, to the left of the onlookers on the bridge, you’ll see the handrails missing, hanging down the side.

As the boxes of precious whisky bobbed up and down in the Clyde, flowing downstream towards Blantyre, officials were called in to ensure order was maintained and that the bottles were accounted for. The photo shows Customs & Excise officer, Andrew Easton at Bothwell Bridge just below the Lido, supervising the recovery of the tempting crates of whisky. Each crate looks as though it had 10 bottles of whisky.

It was later reported that only 10 crates of whisky were actually recovered from the crash scene, prompting stories of crates being hidden further up the riverbank, carried off, or simple rumours that the Clyde riverbed in places, now has an alcoholic, mature and valuable treasure.

 (c) Paul Veverka, Blantyre Project

Photo Courtesy: Historic Hamilton

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