Central Magazine, Whins

Thank you to Gerry who sent in this 2013 picture of the Central Magazine at the former Blantyre AA Battery, near Blantyreferme.

The history of this building and location was told on Blantyre Project recently. Gerry’s picture shows just how much of the structure remains. Well worth a visit if you’ve never been here before.


Blantyre AA Battery, Central Magazine

On social media:

Ray Couston My mates and I used to run about here when we were kids with paint ball/BB guns or we’d just throw sticks at each other.The grass was always ridiculously high, so it was ideal for hiding. Haha!
Mark McClenaghan Bevying
Ray Couston Aye, in the later days! 😂
Anne Mackie love a walk down redlees to this Was it used a lot during the war ? xx
Mark Lynn Once found a goat in one of the buildings. Don’t know who crapped themselves the most – us or the goat.
Iain Lambie Went a walk down there last week

Terry Hughes I remember finding a couple of old shell cases down here in the mid 80`s.
Anthony Smith I often wonder if it was the proximity of this site to Bairds Raws that influenced my Father to join the Royal Artillery in 1941.He was in a Coastal Defence Battery in Mauritius.Diverted there on his way to Singapore when it surrendered.
Elizabeth Greenaway Unsure Carol
Margaret Jones What about the old plane near Ailsa farm
Martin Smith I remember playing on the site when i was a boy in the early 60s
Joe Sneddon Me also Martin .
Martin Smith Yeah Joe we had some fun

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