1949 Excursion to Blantyre


1949-4th-june-low-blantyre-station-wmThis wonderful picture is dated 4th June 1949. An excursion arrives into Blantyre Station having come from Springburn.

Perhaps likely to be heading to the David Livingstone Memorial, there’s a pipe band been laid on for the arriving passengers. No electric overheads, the locomotives, steam powered giving way to diesel. You can see the full cart of coal behind the engine. The station otherwise, is still strangely familiar.

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Isabel Mcneily Remember the old steam trains well, they were the best
Jimmy Hislop I used to have to collect the Saturday sports papers at the station every saturday night for the newsagent on the Glasgow road. Pink Times and the Green Citizen.
Jean McIntosh The first time I came to Blantyre was on the steam train. It was a Sunday School trip from Glasgow. We marched down to the station behind a pipe band we had our tinnies (a metal mug) with a ribbon round the handle and put round the neck. I thought it was wonderful going a very far place. When we arrived marched down to the David Livingstone Centre. It was magic, a bit scary in the dark room. Races and pic nic in the park. xxx
Helen Lawson Taylor Used to stand on the bridge when train was passing though it and had black faces of the soot .
Etta Morrison Remember the separate carriages helen xx
Helen Lawson Taylor Yes I do Etta , going down to the station and watching the trains during the school holidays was great x


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  1. Ex North British and LNER engine on a Sunday School trip excursion to the David Livingston Memorial. I remember being on one of these from the Hyndland area around this time.

    1. Thanks Eric. You certainly have a sharp eye for detail! I suspect these sort of trips were very popular.

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