1903 Abandoned Blantyre Mills


1903-blantyre-mills-derelict-wmAnother brand new exclusive photo for you. This photo appearing online for the first time was taken in 1903 and is the abandoned Blantyre Mills, scheduled for demolition.

I was given this photo sometime ago by Ian Proudfoot, which was kindly appreciated, for despite its faded nature, it is remarkably clear and part of a larger series.

Taken from a little bridge across the lade, it shows the cotton mill and in the background, the heights of the Powerlooom Factory, complete with chimney. What a mistake this was in demolishing these buildings, for Blantyre could now have had a state of the art tourist attraction on par with New Lanark, had they all been rescued.

A wonderful old photo part of our Blantyre heritage and another part of us now gone.

(c) Blantyre Project

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Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Hamilton council only think of profit Paul. Would have been a great attraction for Blantyre
Joy McLennan Wow…Proudfoot…..Proudfoot, …Janet Proudfoot..my gr, gr, great grandmother! Her daughter Mary Proudfoot Turnbull, worked in the mills, after her father died.

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