Wilsons at Auchentibber 1910



Jim Cochrane shared this photo adding, “This is the Wilsons at Auchintibber Farm circa 1900.”

I decided to dig deeper into Blantyre history to see if I could identify the people in the photo, confirm the date or add some details. I believe the Wilsons came from South Craighall in East Kilbride, moving to farm at Auchentibber sometime between 1896 and 1900.

Dressed in fine clothes for the photo and clearly not in a studio, I think the photo actually dates from 1910, rather than 1900. Here is my reasoning. In the 1901 census for that year young Walter Wilson, whom i believe is sitting at the front was 1 year old. He looks about 10 years in this photo. In 1910, at the back his brothers from left to right Alex, 19 and John, 14. Then we have sister Christina, 21 at the back right and another brother Archibald, 24. At the front on either side of young Walter Wilson, are parents of all these people, Robert Wilson, 57 and his wife Janet, 51. The family resemblance can clearly be seen.

Alex was noted as being the farmer at Auchentibber in the late 1920s.

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Janet Cochrane My Marshall grandparents moved to South Craighall from Brousterland where my father was born sometime after 1905 they moved to Calderside about 1915

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  1. Margaret Kingsley

    I think Archibald Wilson was my mother’s father May Wilson Greer his illegitimate daughter
    Margaret Kingsley

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