John & Sarah Baird 1935


1935-john-sarah-baird-wmThis is the marriage of John and Sarah Baird.

Regarding this picture, Janet Cochrane told me, “This is my granny Mains youngest brother. The wedding would be sometime between 1932 and 1935 I think. They stayed upstairs in the building at the corner of Hunthill Road and Stonefield Crescent. (Calderview). He was the baker at the Coop in Auchenraith Road”

I found out that John and Sarah Baird had daughters Christine and Isobel. They lived in the Building where Wullie Thompsons shop was at the Corner of Hunthill road and Stonefield Cresent. John Baird came from Craigmuir farm . He was a baker to trade.

During and after WW2, John used to go to Calderside every year before Christmas and do loads of baking for the extended family using up all their yearly ration of dried powdered eggs as well as some of their fresh eggs. They had loads of hens on the farm so they would never be short of eggs but they still got rationed powdered eggs as well.

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