Janet Edmiston Baird 1886 -1967


1895-janet-edmiston-baird-wmJim Cochrane sent in this photo adding, “This is my Great Grannie, Janet Edmiston Baird as a young Girl. She was born at Craigmuir Farm in 1886 so this photo probably dates from sometime in the 1890s. I believe the Edmistons may have lived in Auchintibber.”

Digging a little deeper, I found out that Janet married Robert Main from Barnhill Farm in 1909 and they moved to Little Udston farm. However, as a child pictured here, she was indeed brought up along with her brothers and sisters at Craigmuir Farm and also married there. 

Later the couple moved to Rowantreehill Farm, Forth in 1928, where Janet lived the rest of her years until passing away there in July 1967.


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  1. Hi John – no, sorry. It’s (former) Craigmuir Farm in High Blantyre.

  2. Is this Craigmuir farm in Sandford near Strathaven?

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