WA1912 Church St Inscription

Michael Barrett messaged me, “There is an inscription in my workshop at 19 Church Street that says ‘WA 1912’ , within the concrete. (The workshop is behind a bungalow built in the 50s by a footballer….Hibs I think). Here are photos.”

Upon seeing this, I believe it to be the construction date of the building and perhaps the initials of the builder. Initially I thought William Aitkenhead Builders, but by 1912, William Aitkenhead had passed away and his business had become Robert Aitkenhead Builders.

Another suggestion is William Adam, the son of the well known William Adam (Snr), the High Blantyre builder and joiner of that era. By 1891, the entire family including young William had moved to Shott House, High Blantyre. After William Adam (Snr) died at 174 Main Street on 27th August 1919, aged 78; the business was still named William Adam & Son.

Young William Adam was working for them at that time and it is him, who I think inscribed the date into the concrete, some 104 years ago. After William Adam (Snr) died his will was read at Hamilton on 14th April 1920 and he left an estate of £4,503. (About £230,000 today’s money). His will was made on Christmas Eve 1909 and in it, his posessions were left to his eldest son, John Adam, whom by then was living at Archers Croft.

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