1918 Glenlee School, Burnbank


1918-glenlee-school-burnbank-wmAlthough Glenlee School was in Burnbank, some of the children in this photo are thought to be Blantyre kids.

Taken in 1918, the photo was shared by here by Jim Cochrane who told me his gran’s sister Janet Main is 1st on the left on the back row.

On social media:

Mary Sitters We all (well seven of us) went to Glenlee. My eldest brother William would have started in 1937 and then John, Robert, Arthur, Douglas, me (Mary) and my sister Irene. Left to move to Australia in May, 1958. Must have been Scotts there for over 20 years!

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  1. My great aunt euphemia Nelson went to that school they lived in 19 Glasgow road she would have been 7 in 1918

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