1930 May Nicholson & Christina Main


1930-may-nicholson-chistina-main-wmAnother photo from Jim Cochrane’s grans collection. Jim’s Aunt Christina Main is on the right of this photo taken around 1930. She is standing at the gate of a large house near Little Udston Farm lived in by the Nicholson Family. She was with her friend May Nicholson (pictured on the left).


Christina was born in Blantyre on 10th June 1909 at Barnhill and lived until she was almost 91. Her brother Robert Main was born on the 29th May 1910 but died at only 8 months old on 25 Jan 1911. In the 1911 census, Christina’s father Robert Main was 29 years old, and mother Janet was 24. Christina was their only surviving child at that time.

The census records that 1 of their children had passed away. Robert main was noted as being a carter, and employer of others.

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Lorna Hughes Part of my family are also called Nicholson, I think they lived in East Killbride
Janet Cochrane I visited this house with my father he used to deliver potatoes to them. At that time May lived three with her older sister when the house was knocked down they moved to Avon street in Hamilton. May learned to drive later in life she used to come to Calderside to visit my mother and also drove to Rowantreehill at the Forth to visit aunt Teenie and the rest of the sisters. They were friends all their lives


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  1. The May Nicholson in the photo is my Great Aunt May. The Nicholson family of Udston are the same family that had the piggery in Blantyre and the corner shop in Station Road, Blantyre.

  2. The May Nicholson in the photo was my Great Aunt May, her niece being May Nicholson of Nicholson’s Piggery and Corner shop in Station Road.

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