No Ball Games 1968


High Blantyre Residents in 1968, soon grew tired of children playing football after school hours right up until and beyond 10pm each night. Complaint was made to try to stop the kids playing with a ball on the spare ground near Larkfield Drive. It was heard and discussed at the June monthly meeting of the Eighth District Council.

Before them was a letter from John Bell of 30 Larkfield Drive who complained that the ball was never out of his garden. Other letters were read. The District Council was unable to help as the ground in question belonged to the County Council. It was stated that residents would have to put up with this as “youths will be youths” and that the matter, if destructive to property was to be referred to police.

Of course in subsequent years, little concrete blocks were placed in Blantyre’s small green spaces to prevent ball games (you know the ones, a foot square with wording embossed into the concrete block, placed carefully where it would interrupt play!). Whilst looking at this article, i was reminded of urban street artist Banksy, who painted this mural in London. It did make me laugh and has a similar message to “youths will be youths”, as the painted children play ball, with the actual “no ball game signage”


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Jim Cochrane Better to let them play football instead of any other more serious mischief
Liz Young They’re ideal as a goal marker
Ray Couston This is what I always thought. Ironically, the “No Ball Games” signs made the best posts. It meant you only needed to put down one jumper. 😛
Jim McSorley As a kid growing up in Meadow avenue we played football many a time on the same ground which is in the photo. We did no harm to anyone and it was fun.
James Donnelly And people wonder why our national football team is sh**e now…it’s all related

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