Rangers v Celtic Fundraiser


jsimpsonIn September 1927, the Rev W.H MacDermid of what was to become Anderson Church in Stonefield Road, took the initiative to organise a fundraiser event to raise money for developing the David Livingstone Centre. Funds were needed to save the old Shuttle Row and create the museum as we know it today. This event was a real eye opener for people and tremendous success. Indeed, it would have been very well received had it happened today! Rev MacDermid wrote into the paper in September 1927 to inform local people,

“Might I bring to the notice of your readers the football match now arranged in aid of the Livingstone National Memorial Fund? Two splendid teams will be put in the field —a combination of the Celtic and Rangers on the one side and Lanarkshire Senior select on the other.

The match will take place in Douglas Park, Hamilton, on Wednesday, 14th September, at 6.30. Price of admission 1s, though tickets can be purchased beforehand, and these are being put through many collieries and public works. Grand stand is extra. All proceeds are to go towards the fund. Boys will be admitted half price.

The match itself should be an interesting one to watch, and well worth the money; but I appeal for support on two additional grounds;the help that will accrue from it towards Lanarkshire’s tribute to the memory of David Livingstone; and secondly, and not least, as a mark of appreciation of the generous act of the football world. The Scottish Football Association and the Lanarkshire Football Association welcomed the proposal and gave their kind consent; all the players are giving their services gratis; and the Hamilton Academicals are giving the grounds free. To all these our thanks are due, and I trust the public will give hearty response.—l am, etc., W. H. MACDIAEMID. Manse of Stonefield, Blantyre”

I’ll leave you to guess which side won! Pictured is teenager CENTRE-HALF Jimmy Simpson when he was a Scottish international signed by Rangers from Dundee United in 1927.

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