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img_3085I’ve had the most amazing, relaxing week on holiday and now back home in sunny Blantyre this evening. Doing what I like best, I took my computer (and scanner) away and spent much of the week writing about Blantyre.

I managed to research SO many interesting articles, lining them up here, scheduled daily right through to Easter 2017!! You’ll only ever see new content, new photos and new posts here, building Blantyre’s history archives at Blantyre Project.

I’m thankfully off work this week too and now looking forward to time with my wife and daughter during the school holidays. Despite a busy end of the year coming up at normal daytime work and the Blantyre Festive Event coming up, I have slipped back to multiple posts per day, which is manageable for now.

I have some amazing things coming to this page in the next few weeks and a couple of announcements too. Thanks again for all the emails, enquiries, requests and information that floods in each day.

This was my “office” last week, looking across to the ocean and Skye, as the waves crashed on the shore in the distance. Nice.

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