Advert: Parkville Roadhouse


2004 Parkville Advert wmThis advert from 2004 is for the Parkville Roadhouse, the former name of the current Parkville Hotel and Restaurant on Glasgow Road.

What can you remember about the Parkville Roadhouse, before its current makeover and change of ownership?

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Margaret Stewart I remember when the Donnelly’s were managing the place. My mum work there serving at weddings etc . It was my first introduction to catering when I was about 10-11 yrs old and I ended up with my own catering business when I was in my late 30,s
Archie Peat I remember it as the home of Dr and Mrs Gordon a local GP. Before that it was Mrs Gordons Fathers house Dr Cowan Wilson, who founded the Cottage Hospital and is commemorated by the Arch in Stonefield Public Park

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