Advert: Old Original 2004


2004 Advert Old Original wmThis advert from 2004 is for the Old Original Pub (also known as Craig’s pub) on Glasgow Road. Their address is 285 Glasgow Road and phone number 01698 327980. In post Millennium years J&I Quigley are amongst modern hosts.

Few facts and trivia about this pub:

In 1932, the license holder was Mr James Jones.

During a fierce storm in January 1968, residents in nearby Stonefield Cottage were woken by an almighty crash as the chimneystack on the gable of The Old Original crashed to the ground. It is alleged the same thing happened across the road at Mayberry Place.

The pub was up for sale in Summer 2013.

On social media:

Bill Hunter There used to be an old alcoholic gentleman (no names given) who was barred from the Old Original in the 60s and 70s who when refused service would stagger outside lift the first objects he could find and smash as many windows of the pub as he could before being arrested.

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