Blantyre Mining Module

I’m pleased to announce tonight that I have activated the “Blantyre Mining” module on Blantyre Project, which represents a brand new massive section all about our Mining Heritage.


The module can be found by clicking on the “Mining” Link as shown by the red arrow. The module is destined to evolve and the product of many weeks worth of work. Subjects explored include Coal & Discovery, Blantyre Pits & Collieries, Coalmasters, Miners Homes, Coal Mining Life in General, and Strikes.

All content is researched exclusively by Blantyre Project and as such does NOT appear published elsewhere on or offline. Forming a detailed archive of Coal Mining Life in Blantyre, it already includes the largest, comprehensive list of Coal Mining Accidents in Blantyre ever recorded in one place, surpassing even the long list on the Scottish Mining website.

Within the Pit Disaster Section, is complete list of all the dead from the 1877 explosion at High Blantyre. This is in readiness for me embarking on a new venture in 2017. Telling the detailed ancestry and stories of every single one of those miners killed, something I feel is very worthwhile that’s never been attempted before. With my fellow history colleagues working on the stories of the widows, it is hoped one day a combination of this research, will tell the full story for each family affected by this disaster.

Finally, further extensions to this particular module are already planned, for release in early 2017. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Your dedication to the Blantyre Project is so impressive, Paul. What a wonderful memorial to all Blantyre people, especially your intended work on the 1877 mining disaster. I don’t know where you get your energy to put ideas into practice. The idea of a personal memorial to every individual who died in that mining disaster, is a tribute to your own integrity as an historian. B Smith.

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