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Swimming PoolsAside from the Public pool at Blantyre Sports Centre and the canine hydrotherapy pool at Allers Farm, Blantyre has a few other swimming pools. Ponds and water features are excluded from this topic.

These however are non-business, private residential pools that remain largely unknown to most people and are for the sole use of the owners for swimming.

At Bythorne House in the Village, there’s an outdoor small, private pool in the resident’s garden (currently for sale), which is covered. It is a little dated but looks to be in good condition.

2016 Bythorne Swimming pool wm

Of much larger size at 55 foot x 24 foot is the indoor swimming pool in the house at Campsie View, Auchentibber (the former site of Broomhouse Farm just off Parkneuk Road). This very impressive swimming pool area has a heated pool with colour changing led lights a hot tub, tropicarium and shower area. It has three sets of French doors the width of the pool area leading to the timber decked balcony with views over the countryside and to the Campsie Hills beyond. It has non-slip mosaic tiles to the floor, led down lights and a spiral staircase to the upper floor allowing easy access to the Games/Media Room and breakfasting kitchen. The pool along with Campsie View itself was put up for sale in April 2016 for £650,000.

I didn’t invade people’s homes to get these pictures, of course. At the time they were taken they were up for sale and are the promotional photos for the sale.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Lynsey Fojut Didn’t your folks have a swimming pool.at.one.point Maxine Mcculloch
Maxine Mcculloch Yes outdoor pool and pond at hunthill road but I think it has now been filled in
The Blantyre Project was that in Hunthill Lane Maxine?
Ray Couston You had me thinking there that the Blantyre baths had been done up! :O :'( Hahahaha!
The Blantyre Project chance would be a fine thing!!
Mhairi McGaulley The Blantyre Project Yes it defo could to with a revamp!!
James Donnelly Ach, will never be as good as the quarry down the Priory in the scorching summer of 1982
Alison Glen The Cottage Hospital has an indoor pool too! There used to be an outside one with a diving board but my father-in-law filled it in and built the indoor one in the 1960s.
The Blantyre Project Thanks Alison. If theres one building in Blantyre that could accommodate a nice indoor pool, its the hospital. That must be good fun.
Alison Glen It’s a refurbishment work in progress at the moment!
Robert Stewart I remember the pool at the Cottage Hospital, I’m not 100% certain, but I’m sure Dr. Woods had a pool at his home on the Glasgow Road
Margo Clayton Yes, he did. Remember it well! Always freezing cold!
The Blantyre Project interesting subject. Thanks for all the comments.

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