Londis Convenience Store


Londis is a contemporary convenience store on the south side of Glasgow Road that also houses the Low Blantyre Post Office.

As of Summer 2016, the property is for sale. Blantyre Post Office is an extremely well run business that has been run by the current proprietors since 1994. The property has been placed on the market due to the current vendors wish to retire. The business trades throughout the year, and offers an excellent range of general groceries, gifts and fancy goods along with main post office. It enjoys much repeat custom, particularly due to its excellent reputation and extensive range of produce along with gifts and fancy goods.

Do you remember or know what Londis was previously?

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Ronnie Woods Think it was a video shop
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Was it not the coop butchers
Caroline Rundell was it not a furniture shop previously too?
Ray Couston Clydestar Video Shop?

When I was a kid, I remember the back bit was the video/brick-a-brac shop.The front of it just before the stairs and ramp was the convenience store.

I don’t think it was a Londis until about 12-15 years ago. I think it might’ve been an independent store before that ran under the family name but it had the Clydestar Video Store sign on the front.

Lynsey Fojut I remember it being a video shop.
Maryclaire Smith Asif is that your old man retiring? what a lovely family. will miss popping in and seeing Ifty xxx
Asif Sattar Yeah he’s trying to. Been on the market for a wee while but no luck as yet.

Hope you and your lovely wee family are good. Your pics always make me 🙂

Maryclaire Smith I had no idea! Hopefully it gets snapped up soon then.

Thanks we are all great 😁 Hope you and yours are too 👍🏼 X

Stephen Allan When did the shop become Londis Asif as I know it was Clyde Star before Londis?
Stephen Crowe Clyde Star, I was at the opening party.
Robert Stewart The recently closed Clydesdale Bank was the furniture shop, this shop sold ladies and children’s clothes and shoes, it also was the main outlet for school uniforms
Irene Dickman My first job was in this store in 1965.It was the Cooperative. Sold ladies,gents and children’s clothes. Also shoes,jewellery and household goods. The manager was called Mr Lees.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward My mum worked there too Agnes Allardyce ne Taylor
Bernadette Watt Clyde star I think
Lesley Hartley I’m pretty sure it became a video shop when the Clyde Star on Stonefield Road was knocked down along with everything else on that side.
Linda McDougall Agnew Clyde star video’s
Amanda McDonagh Clydestar
Jane Maxwell It was the Coop clothes shop, gents wear and ladies wear at the back. My mum worked in the furniture store which was in the Clydesdale Bank building.
Daniel Anderson co-op then Clyde star video
John Mcadams It was the co-op building from the bank to the post office
John Mcginty Clyde star
Bryan Deazeley J. Estees, and then Clydestar Video 🙂
Jacqueline Cleary Clyde Star

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