Glasgow Road 1904


1904 Glasgow Road looking west wmOver the next few days, I have some new views of Blantyre on Glasgow Road to share. From Gilmour’s Directory, courtesy of Betty McLean, I have scanned the Blantyre views in at High resolution and created separate images to share here.

This photo is from 1904 not far from outside the Burleigh Church. It’s Glasgow Road looking west. To the left is Herbertson Street, to the right is Forrest Street. Zooming in on the photo revealed this scene and able to pick out more details. Like litter in the gutter on the southern side of the street. I was surprised at this for every photo I’ve seen of Blantyre in this era appeared to show streets clean and well kept. Perhaps it was a windy day or a stray newspaper had been dropped. I noticed the boys were carrying satchels, perhaps on their way back from school.

Of course the tram is a notable feature. This photo appeared in a directory from 1904, and knowing Blantyre trams started in 1903, the tram MUST have been a relatively new feature in Blantyre when this photo was taken. Evidence of this is how empty the lower level of the tram is by comparison to the top and everybody preferring an open air ride through the streets. The words “Blantyre” can just be made out on the front of it. I have to say, looking at this from the perspective of those in the photo, it must have felt at the time like the future had arrived!

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