Glasgow Road 1904


1904 Glasgow Road Gilmours place wmContinuing a look at Glasgow Road using some zoomed in detailing from old photos.

This is Gilmour’s Place, a drapery and hardware store on Glasgow Road in 1904. It was located on the north side with Bairds Road behind the building. Zooming in and magnifying, I noticed the building was confirmed as “Gilmours Place” as noted on the building itself. To the right was a lane leading to Bairds Rows, with Grant’s Building on the opposite side of the lane.

Many Buildings in Blantyre had the designation of “Place” before street numbering came along.

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Sheena Thomson I stayed in the flat above this shop in the sixties, my Gran and Grandpa Gilmour stayed in it in the fifties.
Bill Hunter My Great Grandfather used to pawn his suit hear on a Monday and then reclaim it on a Friday for the week end. My Mum used to say that they never knew whether the suit was his or the Pawnbrokers.

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