Rector’s Outburst 1928


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 21.47.47How we take things for granted now like having red brake lights on cars. Times were certainly different in 1928, with a growing trend for vehicles on our roads.

A Glasgow schoolmaster, James Coneghan of Station Road, Blantyre, made a dramatic declaration when he was charged Hamilton J.P. Court on Saturday 27th October 1928 with failing to exhibit one such red light in rear of his motor car.

Coneghan denied the charge, and the prosecution endeavoured to show that a led lamp which was produced in court had been “doctored” or reddened recently, and clearly not at the time of the accusation.

In reply to this, Mr Corneghan said —“I am a graduate of Glasgow University and headmaster of one of the largest schools in Glasgow. I am here defending my case in the interests of justice. Is it likely that I should sink to such a subterfuge rather than pay a small fine?”

The Justices found the charge not proven.

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