Local Workless Parade


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 21.33.54A remarkable demonstration by unemployed Blantyre and Hamilton men took place on Monday 5th November 1928 outside the gates of Hamilton combination Poorhouse whilst an unemployed man form Blantyre tried to admit himself to the poorhouse.

The applicant had been accompanied through the streets of Hamilton by sympathisers. The processions was headed by three lads in kilts. One played bagpipes, the others supported his efforts by beating drums. When the applicant was admitted at the gates, there were rousing cheers from the demonstrators and cheers were heard before the crowd dispersed.

The demonstration was against Blantyre Parish Council, who some time ago had decided that every able bodied unemployed man on the poor roll who had been receiving relief should be offered accommodation at the poorhouse as an alternative to being cut off the roll completely. The wives and dependants of such men admitted to the poorhouse continued to receive relief.

Such public demonstrations were to take place a few more times following this incident, a growing contempt of poorhouses in general and a sign that something had to be done in this modern world to remove these Victorianesque type facilities.

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Wendy Wilson I daresay the war sorted out the unemployment problem.

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