1903 Blantyre Mills before demolition


Pictured here in 1903, are previously unseen photos of Blantyre Works Mills, prior to their demolition.

The buildings are quite dilapidated and not used. Wood has been salvaged from some rafters and floor boards, some of the stored timber sticking out the windows. Some contractors in Blantyre may have used these timbers to assist with the construction of many tenements and properties in those growth/boom times elsewhere in Blantyre.

The glazing in the windows are broken in many places and I’m sure the roof would have been in a bad way. If my bearings are correct, this is the Madder Mill. Even 113 years ago when the photos were taken, these buildings were already getting on to being well over 100 years old!

The old photos are scheduled to appear in future Blantyre Project books, but of course, I would be quite happy in providing copies in high scanned resolution , without the watermark, to the David Livingstone Centre.

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Karen Carruthers Paul, you are amazing at sourcing pics. Yes dlc would love to see these and have a copy for our files pls.

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