Lido at Bothwell Bridge 1939

Although slightly outwith Blantyre Parish, here are some great photos of the Lido (park) at Bothwell Bridge. These were taken in 1939 and form part of a small clip of a few seconds of this area on the British Film Archive. The park looks fairly new and well kept, for it absolutely was! The beautiful painted railings, the clean stone work and just look at the edging on the grass.

Today the A725 roars over the top of the Lido on the approach to the Raith Interchange.

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Jean Boyle Loved going down the lido in the summer it was a lovely spent all day there x

Grace McCaffery Had some great days at the lido down the steps was a wee sandy beach .

Laurie Gordon Only ever done it the once when my dad was working up the hill. A hot day and a wee dip. Strong memory of a lunch time with my da.

Elizabeth Weaver That was a favourite walk from Blantyre in the 50s – it was beautifully kept and there would be loads of families having picnics. Another sad loss for the area but happy memories for us oldies.

Elizabeth Hanchard Healy Liked the lido paddle with friends from bellshill

Alex Hosie When my gran lived in Whitehill we would walk through the woods to the Lido, take a piece and spend most of the day there. Rolled our Easter eggs down the hill, fished for baggies, paddled in the summer, even built sandcastles, all in the middle of industrial Lanarkshire.

Elsie Chalmers A favourite Sunday walk from Hamilton….many a happy hour spent there.

Shona MacLean From 2013

Shona MacLean's photo.
The Blantyre Project thats a nice shot.

The Blantyre Project thanks to Steve Slessor for pointing me towards this little film clip.

Louise Callaghan I still walk my dogs here. Needs a bit of tlc

Graham Elder I was down to find out what it was like back in May. Enjoyed my walk. It’s not beyond hope that it could brought back to pristine condition with some investment of time and money.

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