Gibbs of Galston


Gibbs of Galston – was a large pet shop and pet store formerly located in the Clydeview Shopping Centre in the late 1980’s. It was located in one of the larger units, near the corner carpet shop (then later ‘Quid’s In’ pound shop) and faced out on to Glasgow Road.

It was one of the earlier businesses to open at the shopping centre and had operated for some time before closing temporarily in the late 1980s.

Gibbs re-opened for a couple of years (possibly under a different name) before again closing for good around 1990. Today, the retail unit has been closed for many years.

Pictured is Quid’s In back in 2009. Do you have memories of Gibbs store or indeed Quid’s In?

2009 Clydeview Shopping Centre

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Andrew Scott Is that really where the pet shop was? I thought it was further along where Clydesdale the electrical shop was.
Where was the frozen food shop Capital?
Caroline Rundell capital used to be here didn’t it Gary Montgomery x

Elaine Currie Akelis Capital was on the corner the pet shop was further down (still Empty)

Stephen Allan Yes. The pet shop was called Country Feeds and it was further down. That shop at the corner used to be Capital frozen foods and I remember that from the early 90s . You are right about it being Capital.

Elaine Currie Akelis 😊 I just remember it being like a cross between kwik save and farmfoods when we walked in lol

Elaine Currie Akelis Used to go into the pet shop with my mum all the time, loved going in to see their Alsatians they had (their own pets they took to work) my mum used to buy their fish for her tropical fish tank ☺️ …. Remember my mum going into the freezer shop (what we called it) to get steak for our own dog 😂😂😂 remember mum? Ruth xx

Mhairi McGaulley Country Feeds was a great pet shop, the staff were great and i remember the dog and the parrot too. The shop is sorely missed.

Marian Maguire Never was a successful shopping area, as I believe asda didn’t want parking at the front, which meant most people went into asda.

James Waddell I’m sure there was a pet shop further along to the left, i used to always go to it with my dad so he could get food for his pigeons.

James Stirling that was gibbs,james

Frances Maguire was the the same pet shop that close early 2000’s? my guide dog Gillian loved to shoplift from it. i would pay for the stuff she had stolen get it home and she wouldn’t look at it lol

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