Entertainment at Auchentibber


Auchentibber at Parkneuk

c1920 Parkneuk, Muirfoot, Auchentibber

Although not at all politically correct these days, Blantyre folk were entertained on the evening of Friday 6th July 1928 by The Kentucky Minstrels. Documented here only for these events did take place, the Kentucky Minstrels were a local combination band, the creation of Mr. Thomas Simpson of Low Blantyre.

Minstrels were of course white people with painted or blackened faces. In those different times, it’s very likely no malice or ill intent was being perceived by the audience and although considered nowadays to be most racist, minstrels were commonplace in local theatres and later on TV right up until the late 1970s.

The venue was the Welfare Hall at Auchentibber and news reports of the time stated “The Kentucky Minstrels provided a most pleasing and happy entertainment to a crowd which was packed out to the door. In their repertoire they have a large variety of negro songs and dances, and their patter and witty sallies and jokes were quite refreshing and kept the audience in roars of laughter.”

With the performance of unnamed “artists”, Mr Simpson established himself and the Minstrels as popular entertainers of the time and they later appeared in Hamilton and Burnbank in other concerts. Not a part of Blantyre’s history that should be dwelled upon, but it is a good reminder how far we have all come since those times.

Pictured uniquely to this website, not far from the Welfare are the buildings at Peasweep at Muirfoot (bottom of Parkneuk Road) in a similar era. Perhaps these children were amongst the audience at such concerts?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Helen Williams Definitely no malice was intended, in this sort of entertainment, I remember watching the Black & White Minstrels on TV, and I enjoyed it, must have been in the 50s, and we all know who Al Johnson is, it’s all part of history, yes times have changed.

Elsie Chalmers I loved Black & White Minstrel show on TV. Definitely no malice or racist intent. I had a black China doll and a golliwog . .circa 1935/40 era.

Lillias Addison You used to get golliwog badges with Robertsons jam

Jane Johnstone One of my auntie’s loved The Black and White Minstrels’Show. I now know why. It obviously reminded her of her youth….thanks again Paul, I have often wondered why she enjoyed that to show soooo much!😀

Robert Caldwell Tracy Stirling is that you 2nd from the left front row

Tracy Stirling Lol that’s ma Aunty Maisie’s three times removed step sisters cousin 😂

Jim McSorley So many kids without shoes. How tough going it was in those days.

James Stirling so true jim,and now they complain if they cant get the latest designer footwear

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