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Robert Stewart asked me recently, “Have you ever heard of Bobby Robertson? Bobby owned a little grocery shop on the corner of Auchenraith Road and Welsh Drive. I remember it from the fifties and sixties, I don’t know if the property was always a shop, or when it was converted to a house. Bobby also had a mobile shop. I remember seeing him at Barnhill, Craigmuir Road, Auchentibber etc.”

Attached is a little plan of where Robert is referring to. An early plan mind, before Welsh Drive was built. I have to admit having no knowledge of this little former shop, although driving by today, its certainly a house now. Does anybody remember the shop, who ran it or what the business was called? Finding the name of the business usually allows me to investigate deeper. Thanks.

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Maisie Whittaker I remember the shop it was my aunt and uncles Jean and Bob Robertson they lived across from the shop on Auchinraith road ,it is now a house

Moyra Lindsay I can still remember the smell of it. The potatoes in a big sack I think it was. Pineapple chunks when we got pennies and your aunt Jean always so serious. Bobby was never there as he was out on the grocery van. Times were not so bad then as the van delivered to the door.

The Blantyre Project Maisie Whittaker can you remember the name of the shop, or when it closed, even roughly the year? Thanks.

Maisie Whittaker I don’t think the shop had a name just known as may have closed late 60s early 70s hope that helps Paul

Maisie Whittaker I remember uncle Bob was out with the van until very late at night more so at weekends

Helen Williams I remember it well, that was our local sweety shop, I remember asking Jean “how much is your penny caramels”, they lived directly across from the shop and I’m sure she owned a horse.

Maisie Whittaker They did own a horse and would escape from the field and run down Auchinraith road ,my dad had to help sometimes to round it up .

Jim McSorley After our co – op milk run on Saturdays. We would buy Swiss rolls and ginger with our tip money. Indeed they had a house across the road down a small avenue behind Auchinraith road

Kenny Weir I remember going in the shop when I was wee in the early 70’s.

Letitia Mitchell I remember the shop Well me and my pal Helen went round there for our sweeties happy days 😊

Helen Williams I remember your dad giving us two shillings every week, and we would go hyper at Robertsons

Letitia Mitchell yes helen it was happy times x

Helen Williams Do you remember the 1d tray (caramels, whoppers, liquorice) 2d tray (MB bar, sherbet, lucky potatoes)

Letitia Mitchell yes I do helen us with your sisters handbags thought we where the bees knees x

Anne Marie Murray I remember this shop my great-gran and auntie stayed in Welsh drive right across the road and every weekend we would get a sweetie.. Memories…

Jeanette Izzett Remember the shop well lived in maxwell crescent Mr and Mrs Robertson were a lovely couple and stayed across the road from the shop loved the penny caramels and the whoppers .

Helen Williams Where in Maxwell crescent did you live Jeanette ? We were numb 23

Jeanette Izzett We were number 21 maiden name was Doherty.

Jane Higgins It was a great wee shop.

The Blantyre Project Thank you everybody. I have absolutely no memory of this shop, so all these comments are fantastic and piece together some history for me. ta

Jean Boyd I remember the shop as it was my aunt Jean and uncle Bob’s shop, I remember the big glass cabinets with the luxury cakes of Milk Tray Chocolate which cost 1/- 1 shilling 5p which was way too much money  🙂 my aunt and uncle lived in the house straight across the road and at the end of the lane 151 Auchinraith Rd which was my grand parents house before them, my dad was married from that house in 1940.

Jean Boyd I forgot to add I think the shop closed about mid 1970’s but not too sure, I don’t think it was taken over as a shop but not too sure.

Helen Lawson Taylor I remember going into the shop as my grandfather stayed in no 61 Welsh Drive , and would go in for a Lee’s snowball on way home to Beech Place after visiting him if he gave us some pennies .

Henry Hambley Remember the shop well. It looked like a house which had been converted into a shop and was run by Mr and Mrs Robertson. Mr Robertson had a travelling shop. I thought that they lived in the cottage at the corner of Auchinraith Road and Maxwell Crescent.

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