Wild Scenes at Blantyre Match


1933 Blantyre CelticWild scenes were witnessed at Blantyre on Saturday 22nd December 1928, during the Blantyre Celtic and Vale of Clyde Intermediate League fixture, which resulted in the abandonment of the game 17 minutes from time.

The game was keen but played clean until about 25 minutes from time, when tempers became ruffled after player, Lyons had brought the scores level to 3-3.  A scrimmage followed and Lyons was ordered to the pavilion. Players got mixed up in a general melee.

Running fights then followed breaking out in the crowds and matters were made worse when hundreds of spectators invaded the pitch.


McClelland of Vale of Clyde was withdrawn from the field by the committee, but this time the whole place was unruly and in pandemonium, and the referee and both committees found impossible to establish order.

The Vale of Clvde players walked off the field, but the Celtic players remained on their pitch. The referee, Mr James Armour, went to the pavilion and asked the Vale players to return and finish the game, but his request was refused for the safety of the players. He went back to the field, sounded the final whistle, and informed the press that he had no other option than to abandon the game, whilst the police, who were not present in the match,  were called in to break up spectators.

Pictured is Blantyre Celtic a few years later in 1933 , on a training kickabout.

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