Final Days Blantyre Works School


1929 Blantyre Works School Chapel wmAn exclusive first look online at this amazing photo. Pictured in 1929, are the last days of the Blantyre Works School / Chapel. This was the year that nearby David Livingstone Memorial Centre opened and in Springtime of that year, proposals were made to transfer the old Works School, into part of that memorial. Fundraising was still going on for the renovation of the centre, right up until the opening, and it had been hoped to raise enough funds to transfer the old school, by then disused.

However, with nearby Waterloo Row and other miner’s rows knocked demolished, the school was never officially transferred and was abandoned, scheduled for demolition. This photo shows the windows and door boarded up and the whole building a shadow of its former self.

The exact position of the Blantyre works school, in a modern context was what is now a garden at Fagan Court.

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