Blantyre Celtic


Stewart Willis kindly recently shared this photo of Blantyre Celtic. Stewart mentioned that Jimmy Lennon is in this photo, but it would be great for us all to identify the others and what year it was?

Jimmy Lennon Blantyre Celtic from Stewart Willis

On social media:

John Mc Nulty That looks Like Jimmy Lennon 2nd player in from top left ….worked with him years ago in the Bolt Work.

Stewart Willis Correct that’s my father in law

Michael McDonald Front row John ( Cutty )Smith.

Michael Jordan If that is Cutty Smith that I knew from school in St Joseph’s then the date is around 1960. I remember Cutty announcing to the playground ‘nobody touch him, that’s the Bede’s son.’ The Bede was my father who taught in the Junior Secondary and took the team and Cutty played right half. He was my very own protector!

Tom McGuigan Your Dad was my teacher for a while at the Joe’s he was strict but a Great Man.

Michael Jordan Thanks Tom for your kind words. I was pals with Pat McGuigan, lived near Cowan Wilson Avenue, in Primary. Any relation?

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley A remember mr and mrs jordan being school teachers and you going into car after school over at assembly hall parking !! Memories always wondered where you went although you never really knew me. i went to ogilvie after primary x

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