1903 Children at Shuttle Row Steps


2003 Playing on lamppost1Hopefully this is another new photo for you. Pictured here in 1903 are the steps at the bottom of Shuttle Row, Blantyre Works. The location is near the current Wages House, across from the entrance to the current bridge.

At a time when the mill buildings were condemned, a little boy is standing on the base of an ornamental lamppost at the bottom of the steps, leading up to Shuttle Row, which would be out the picture to the left. Another figure, perhaps a little girl looks on.

Interested in seeing the location in modern times, I visited the location in 2014 and took a photo of the steps, whilst out walking with my dog. They’re now closed off, inaccessible to the public, but Gordon Cook has forwarded me a photo of them before the steel modern railings went up.

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