1903 Powerloom Factory

Another new photo for your today. Pictured here in 1903, is the condemned and derelict Powerloom Factory on the far right.

1903 Powerloom Factory

The power-loom factory was described in 1859 as, “A large building employing about 380 hands, principally femalis, in weaving cotton yarn into cloth by Power-looms. The bottom flat of this is used in connexion with the Dye Works.” By 1903, the Blantyre Works Mills had been condemned and had fallen into disrepair. The buildings in the background are the old Cotton Mills, where the tall chimney is protruding from. The photo was taken on the road leading down to Bottom Row and this fence would now be the entrance to the current bridge.

On the far left you can just about see the edge of the Wages Office building.

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