Devlin Grove, Low Blantyre


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Devlin Grove, Glasgow Road, Low Blantyre

Devlin Grove – is a current Sheltered Housing complex for independent living on Glasgow Road, Low Blantyre, G720LX. The name of the block also has the same name of the nearby access street, leading off of John Street. How the name ‘Devlin’ came to be is unknown but as a suggestion, it may have been after an author Michael Devlin, a Blantyre man who was the author of a book entitled “Foundation Chains” a story based on the coalmines of Blantyre.

It’s a particularly large block of retirement homes for the elderly, 2 storeys high, built of steel and timber frame construction, faced in bricks. Following the earlier 1978 demolition of many shops and the removal entirely of Clark Street, (which once led off Glasgow Road), the site sat vacant for a few years until construction of the care home commenced in 1982.

It took almost just over a year to complete and was officially opened in February 1984.

The warden is Mrs. June Stone who held that position since the building opened and is managed by South Lanarkshire Council, rather than being privately owned.

When it opened, the building was state of the art and offered lovely accommodation for an aging Blantyre population, although today looks a little dated on the exterior.

However, you cannot deny what this means for Blantyre. It is a purpose built development with 30 one-bedroom flats and 3 two-bedroom flats in a 2-storey building. The development also includes 2-three bedroom bungalows, which have been specially adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilites.

The development is at the centre of Blantyre, close to shops and other facilities including the local leisure centre. The facility has a lift, laundry room, lounge and a garden.

New residents are accepted from 60 years of age and the venue is also used for coffee mornings and annual events.

Towards the end of 2014, resident May Snaddon celebrated her 100th birthday at Devlin Grove.

1983 Devlin Grove wm

Pictured here in 1983, with construction well progressed is Devlin Grove being built. The photo was taken from the top of the Clydeview Shopping Centre not far from the Royal Bank. It features Glasgow Road looking east. To the right, you may be able to see the old Post Office Building, which had official name “Clydeview”. It gave its name to the nearby shopping centre but Clydeview (Post Office) was demolished in 1999, with the land there been vacant now for 17 years.

1983 Devlin Grove Construction

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Henry Hambley My mother-in-law is a happy and contented Devlin Grove inhabitant. She celebrated her 90th birthday last Aug.
Jack Owens Theresa Robinson was a councillor Eddie Devlin around 1930- 1940. Lived in Annfield Terrace.
Jane Wemyss Its a Sheltered housing complex for independent living, it’s not a care home. Currently get renovated inside xx
Michelle Boyle My wee home x
Melanie Creechan Braniff Frankie Martini: Not sure if you know it or not, but this is where your grandmother lived. I remember going to see her there all the time!
Frankie Martini I’ve never seen this building. When I found out that she was moving into a “home” I always kinda pictured a really old ugly placed. It bothered me a lot…this is so nice. Thanks for sharing this with me, and thank you so much for being so kind to my sweet Gran.


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