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Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 14.13.06Dux – is a Latin word for “leader.” It is more commonly known as the highest accolade in each school year. Pupils that deserve that recognition include, but not limited to Selbie MacNeill Campbell in 1910 who was the son of Mr. George Campbell, the manager of the Clydesdale Bank at Glasgow Road. He won the Hamilton Academy Dux award that year, but was from Blantyre.

Dux girl that year was Miss Jane Fleming, who resided at the Blantyre Works Rows at the bottom of Station Road. The house in which she was brought up overlooked the old Blantyre Works School. Her father worked with the Caledonian Railway Company, as a pointsman.

The accolade also went to Bill Duncan at High Blantyre Primary School in 1951/1952, the prize coming from Blantyre Co-operative Society. John Bennoch received the accolade at High Blantyre Primary in 1958/1959 receiving a bound copy of the book, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. John went on to receive Dux at Calder Street Secondary School in 1961/1962.

Prizes were usually a bible, book or trophy, but in recent times have evolved into shopping vouchers and certificates

There are simply too many pupils to name here, one male and female for every single year for every School in Blantyre. It is estimated over 750 pupils have been awarded the Dux position in Blantyre Schools taking part in this award, since the terms advanced, senior, and secondary or High School came about and a hearty congrtaulations are afforded to every one of them, past and present.

I’d love to hear from any former Blantyre Dux pupil, so I can add your name to the roll. I’d also like to know if Primary Schools take part in presenting a Dux award these days, or is it an award now only for High Schools.

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Janet Cochrane I was Dux girl at High Blantyre Primary in 1957 Drew Sweenie was Dux boy

Emma Trevethan My daughter Elaine SIMM was Dux at Auchinraith Primary 1982 and other daughter Jackie was proxime access it in 1985. ..

The Blantyre Project Emma – I was at high school with Elaine. Please let he know I am asking for her. Thanks. (Paul Veverka)

Emma Trevethan Will do Paul x

Margaret Elma Griffin My Dad’s best friend Archie McCulloch was Duxs at Calder Street School but that would be way back approx 1930

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  1. Emma, from which branch of the SIMM family is Elaine?

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