Burial Found at Dalton in 1930


1930 Dalton Kist BurialAlthough slightly outwith Blantyre Parish into Cambuslang Parish, this find is interesting enough to tell here, and is good evidence of early habitation in this general area.

In November 1930, two stone cists or and a cremation deposit were uncovered during the construction of Dalton School, Cambuslang.

One cist, covered by a capstone measuring 1.1m by 0.8m, consisted of four sandstone slabs and measured 0.7m by 0.5m internally and 0.5m in depth. An upright Food Vessel was found on the floor, but there were no skeletal remains. The second cist, about 2m further W, had been disturbed, but also contained a Food Vessel; the capstone measured 1.4m by 1.1m.

A deposit of cremated bones was discovered in a hollow dug about 0.6m into the ground at a distance of 2.1m E of the first cist. The Food Vessels are now in Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum (Accession nos: ’55-96).

Information from the Glasgow Herald, 11 November 1930 and the Daily Record, 8 November 1930; W D Simpson 1965

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Isobel Paterson My brother David Paterson lived there for yrs was the jannie
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Gordon Mason One of the food bowls discovered at Dalton, on display at Low Parks Museum, Hamilton.Manage

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