1975 Stonefield Public Park


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 16.34.55Sharon Doonin (nee Morrison) kindly shared this photo of her sitting in Stonefield Public Park, Low Blantyre in Springtime 1975. Pictured alongside her is a rare picture of the empty boating pond (usually drained and cleaned out ahead of summer).

In the background are the back of the buildings along Glasgow Road. Greenside Street is just out the picture to the left. Behind the buildings in the background is Glasgow Road, at the junction of Victoria Street to the right.

Sharons picture is good confirmation that sometime between 1969 and 1975, the beautiful rose gardens and wooden trellis frames of previous decades in the park, had suddenly gone.

Whats your memories of this area and the buildings at the back?

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Caroline Kilgour Lovely photo. was the putting green open at that time, i can see the wooden hut but can’t make out any flags

Sadie Dolan Use to roll down this grassy bit lol great memories of the boating pond great PIC x

Anthony Smith We used to go swimming in the pond.To the left was decorative flower bed and a row of hedges,we used to change into trunks behind the hedges.

Liz Boxall I lived in Greenside street above Andrew Little’s bakery .. Played in the park most days and if I had any money (which wasn’t often) a would play a game of putting Oh Happy Days 😀

Fiona Moran Little’s made the best rolls 

Liz Boxall Without a doubt !!! Especially with. Peter Craig sliced sausage ! We used to get them hot from the bake house and they were great even with just butter 😀

Stephen Allan Greenside Street was demolished to make way for the Sports Centre if I am right.

Liz Boxall Greenside Street was at the bottom of Craig Street The Cosy Corner pub , Jimmy Clearys and peter the Tallie ice cream shop were nearby going towards hasties farm I think the sports centre is more going towards John Street although it is further down ?

Margaret Bell The pitch and putting was brilliant. Loved the gala days too. Xx

Etta Morrison Yes Sadie rolled our eggs at that bit xx

Sadie Dolan Happy days etta, xx

Stewart Willis thats exactly how i remember it

Helen Lawson Taylor Loved the park way back then and all the gala s with our tin mugs and bag with cake and sandwiches xx

Gary Doonin Remember behind that building in between those park huts and rear of the building an old stand alone building like a wash house or something . Still there in 78 .

Yvonne Kelly Ann Donald remember this boating pond?

Mhairi McGaulley SLC have ruined our park now which is such a pity for our town.

Jean Brown Think I took you Yvonne Kelly ….you were in your pram!

Sligo Tim wee charlie took u for a walk left u playing ran up tae pub for a pint

Kellie Jackson Sharon Frank remember the boating pond? 😊 x

Kenneth Faulds Loved the boat pond. Which is sadly no longer there

Thomas Bell Great memories loved the putting competitions we had the football pitches as well a lot of good times with school team st joesphs

Margaret Liddle I remember this so well, I fell into the boating pond when I was in primary school must have been about 7-9 years old, stayed in Patersons building with my brother and sister-in-law could not swim, and I still can’t I’m 64 now and won’t go into water I can’t put my feet down

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin I remember my pal n i were walking through , came in gate on station road n we were met with a man in rIncoat who flashed ys lol

Wilma Hayburn McNulty It’s such a pity no one has one with the pond full and the wee boats in it its a lovely photo Sharon xx

Eddie Mcguire Must admit stuck a few putters down ma trousers leg am ashamed lol it was a lot better park then a lot of special memories

John Krawczyk Loved the boating pond apart from the broken glass in it

Frank Wylie The boating pond was great and busy in the summer ,we used to play in the wee 3 round circles up to the left of this which in the day always had water in them , definitely happy days !!

Margaret Farmer Many memories of the boating pond and the putting green.

Shelley Lennon Balfour I was born in 1976, but I remember the park so well, pitch & put, the boating pond, and the pond at the top of park were we all used to go in & paddle. I remember the swings seesaw etc at top of park too. It’s so sad how it’s turned out, loved this park as a kid as I am sure many other folk my age did.

Stephen Allan The swings and stuff are still there but the older ones were demolished and new ones built a few years ago.

Arlene McWilliam Green I might be able to get my hands on some more pictures of the boating pond. I spent my young life in the park – the paddling pool was just to the left of the Station Road gates (it was always painted bright blue. Between that, the boating pond and the putting Green as well as the giant chute, seesaw, roundabout and swings there was always plenty to do. My little sister was born in 1975 and there are pictures of her as a toddler with the rose gardens and flowers so I need to pull them out and get them to you.

Carol Crombie Great shot, love seeing the yard and the greenhouses just behind the houses and shops

Sligo Tim He never found that dog ha ha

Sharon Little Loved this park. The boating pond was fab and also the wee paddling pools at the top of the park were brilliant fun x

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