1963 Glasgow Road

This photo dates from 1963 and features Glasgow Road looking east towards Hamilton. On the left Station Road leads off at the junction. The Broadway Cinema is on the corner.

The canopies to the left are Collins the Baker and Birrels Sweet Shop. Whats your memories of this location including the shops beyond. Mauchlines? Vinces?

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Ina Sanders loved the broadway

Colin Wotherspoon Saw my first big Duke film in the Broadway with Mam and Da Fort Apache loved it

Matthew McGuigan Saw Lulu win the Sunday talent contest in the Broadway before she became famous. She sang ” I want to be Bobby’s girl” !  🙂

Anne Callaghan Mrs Hamilton’s the greengrocers next to mauchlines then mrs Gallagher’s the fishmongers – !

Margaret Brown Burns Mrs Hamiltons for fruit and veg then next door to Mrs Gallagher for fresh fish

Frances McDonald I worked in vinciesf from 1964 part time before I left school ,my friend and I word play on the joogle bars when we walked each other halfway home the good old days ,

Isobel Paterson Omg to many to mention eh Anne Gilmour Callaghan still say meet me at the Broadway when in Blantyre 😊😊

Ann Millar Aye!! Frances,n yi never gave me oanie freebies a don,t forget.!! brilliant memories Frances.

Margaret Elma Griffin Went to the Broadway many times with my parents we always called at Birrels first for sweets 

Maureen Mccallum My mum sent me to Agnes Hamilton’s to pick up something for my dad’s 40th Birthday and while I was there had to ask Mrs Hamilton for the 40 w bulb for his cake .She was in on the joke with my mum ,as you can imagine being 12 I was really embarrassed when everyone started laughing .Needless to say it was a long time before I showed my face in there again .Parents can be horrible sometime lol

Thomas Hamilton-Hailes I was 19 and full of it back then … talkin’ about fish and chips at Vinces I mean

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