1900 Shuttle Row Water Pump


1900 Shuttle row pumpThis photo features Shuttle Row around the year 1900. Pictured is the entrance to the Shuttle Row building, the circular tower to the left. Young children gather around the door as a mindful mother looks on, in the middle of her washing. The washhouse was out the picture to the left, a circular building that had a dove cot on top. The water pump in the photo has been left on, and you can see a trail where the lady has been dragging water over to the building. Perhaps she was rinsing the clothes and putting them on that line to dry?

At the time of this photo, the building was in a poor condition and was about to be condemned along with other mill homes in the village.

3702167256_4189ff2995The pump is still there today, sitting alone in front of Shuttle Row and is a good reminder of the hard work and activity that must have gone on, around it all those years ago.

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Joy McLennan When I was small…50.s grandpa used to talk of the horrible row houses…he was lucky, lived on a farm..at least I hope it was better!

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