Blantyre Muir Wind Turbines


Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 13.49.09George Young shared this dramatic photo of 2 of Blantyre Muir wind turbines. George has a real talent for capturing colourful and beautiful moments. Whilst people know I’m no fan of turbines, I’m not opposed to them in general, only the turbines that are right beside people’s homes. Its a human right to choose where you live and the arrival of a turbine in your back yard, in my opinion is a step too far. I am however, all for them in places like moorland and offshore, for lets face it, energy is going to be a big topic this century.

In July 2007, Blantyre Muir Wind Energy Ltd submitted a full planning application to South Lanarkshire Council for planning consent to construct a 3 turbine wind farm within an area of agricultural land near Laigh Muirhouses Farm on the western side of Hamilton. In October 2011, planning consent was eventually granted (SLC planning reference HM/07/0563), with the 3 turbines each having a maximum blade tip height of 102m.

Additionally, on neighbouring land, 3 further turbines were proposed. These Blantyre Muir Wind Farm ‘Extension’ turbines were also consented (SLC planning reference HM/10/0478) and have a maximum blade tip height of 115m, with a revisit to the original 3 constructed to increase the blade tip height to 115m.

The 6 turbines have a 12.3MW capacity and can generate enough electricity to power 6,500 homes.


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