Watsons Pre WW1

Lets stop for a second to admire this lovely photo. Blantyre family, the Watsons dressed in all their Edwardian finery and Sunday best.

This is a probable day out or celebration, and set in a leafy, fern covered spot in Auchentibber. Shared here by Jim Cochrane, the photo is pre World War One, a time before the huge conflict, the faces not knowing what was just around the corner in terms of war and of the future of Auchentibber, then a busy, populated hamlet.

1910 Watsons at Auchentibber shared by J Cochrane

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Jim Cochrane This was in my Gran Marshalls collection of photos so i would imagine there may be a family connection to Calderside.

Janet Cochrane Jean Watson was married to JAmes Marshall my father’s brother

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